RO-Waterfilter Performance Calculator

Reverse Osmosis Filter System Capacity Calculator

One of the major criterias of reverse osmosis filter systems is the maximum output of RO-Water. The maximum output is indicated as a daily value. But what is the output of RO-Water per hour or per minute?

When buying a reverse osmosis water filter system, please consider how much time you are willing to wait for the water to be filtered and how many liters of RO-Water you need for each waterchange.

Just enter the daily maximum capacity of the reverse osmosis filter system in the first field and click “calculate”. The reverse osmosis waterfilter performance calculator will indicate the maximum output in liters per hour and per minute.

Maximum output: liter  
Maximum output per hour liter  
Maximum output per minute liter  

A RO-System with this maximum output will produce
x liters of filtered RO-Water per hour.
x litres of filtered RO-Water per minute.

The maximum output of a reverse osmosis filter system is 200 liters per day.
By entering the value 200 in the calculator you will get this information:
A RO-System with this capacity will produce
8.33 liters of filtered RO-Water per hour.
0.1389 litres of filtered RO-Water per minute.

Assuming you have 2 tanks with each 30 litres volume and changing 20% water weekly you will need 12 liters of RO-water for the waterchange. You will need to wait 1,44 hours (12/8.33) or 86,39 minutes (12/0.1389) only for the filtration.


Please consider, that a reverse osmosis filter system needs a certain ammount of pressure to reach the maximum output. Some RO-Filter Systems have a integrated booster pump that takes care of the required water-pressur. This systems cost more, but you will get a higher (faster) output of RO-Water.