PRL-Shrimp Tank Setup

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PRL Shrimp Tank with Backcover When I set up a new tank for my Pure Red Line (PRL) Shrimps, I use to put a milk glass pane (acrilyc) behind the rear of the tank. White reflects more light than a black adhesive foil – and its easier to install.

PRL Shrimp Gravelfilter Layout the undergravel plates. It is not necessary to cover 100% of the tank area. In this case, 2 rows of each 4 plates fit very well. Depending on your tank dimensions try to arrange the plates rotating them 90 degrees, maybee you get a better coverage. Note: you should leave one or a half inch distance between the gravel plates and the tanksides to be filled with soil.

PRL-shrimp-tank-setup-6The most lift tubes are compatible with powerheads. I preffer to use powerheads instead of airstones as they are more powerfull and won’t clog so easy.
The lift tube needs to be shortened, so the total height with mounted powerhead will fit even when the tank cover will be mounted. And for another reason:

PRL Shrimp Tank SetupDwarfshrimps are pretty good in climbing, specially when it is near a source of water current. It is a very easy task for a shrimp to climb a small distance, like from the watersurface to the top of the powerhead and to get outside the tank. Here you can watch a youtube-video and observe how my shrimps climbed the tank pane 5 inches up. Even shrimps can breathe outside the water, after a certain time they will dry out and die. No matter if expensive Pure Red Line Shrimps such as Benibachi, Brilliant Bees, Crimson, Ellen Wang E-Line, C-Sky, JustBee or a “regular” dwarfshrimp: please avoid such cruel fate for your Red Bee Shrimps.

PRL Shrimp Tank GravelFilterAs minimun distance between water surface and the tank top edge I recommand 2 inch (5cm). So the  redbee shrimps should not climb out easily.

PRL-shrimp-tank-setup-10After mounting the powerhead and lift tube unit add the soil. I preffer to use soils without any fertilisers like Wild Borneo Shrimp Soil. These soils won’t release any ammonia and the cycling period is shorter. In my breeding tank I add just some bunch of moss to have a better overview for selective breeding.

PRL Shrimp Tank, adding waterNow its time to add (slowly) water. My best experience for a successfull Pure Red Line (PRL) Shrimp breeding and keeping is reverse osmosis (RO) water, reminalised with Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+ to a GH of 5 or 6. The tank should cycle for a period of 4 to 6 weeks till the water parameters are stable and nitrates are at zero before adding any RedBee Shrimps. After some days I ad some snails as first animals.

Please remind: Active soils such as Wild Borneo, Fluval Startum, ADA Amazonia, RedBee Sand and so on, can extremly lower the GH. Even you ad RO Water with a GH of 6 – after 3 or 4 days GH can be at 3 or 4 – this could cause casualities within your PRL-Shrimps colony.

A newer soil is worth to be mentioned: Environment soil from Glas Garten, developed from the Logemann brothers who brought us great products such as Salty Shrimp – Bee Shrimp Mineral or the Glas Garten food range. Environment soil is often used for the shrimp championchips.

The Ph with fresh soils and gravel filters can be very low. My tanks often have a ph of 4.5. After some month the ph will adjust to 5.5.

I like to use swimming plants such as limnobium laevigatum. Most Pure Red Line Shrimps love the long and decorative roots.

PRL Shrimp Tank, adding waterAs you can see on the image, the tank panes are covered with algae (Biofilm), perfect for growing up shrimplets. Light is another important asset for successfull PRL-Shrimp breeding. I guess it is not about the ammount of light in watt power, its more the right light spectrum in order to have a good algae and plant growth. The shown tank in this guide is powered by an ADA Aquasky LED light, 20 Watt (7000Kelvin).