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Breeder Interview on, the popular German shrimp site of Jürgen Moers, you can read my breeder interview (German only).

JustBee PRL Shrimps interview in crustanews

Akaebinosato feeding Video
A big thank you to the spanish team of crustanews. My breeder interview is available in spanish and english Read crustanews on issue.

JustBee youtube Channel – See al Videos on my JustBee PRL Shrimps Youtube Channel.

JustBee PRL Shrimps JustBee PRL ShrimpsSome of my current red bee shrimps. JustBee PRL Shrimps on youtube.

Feeding baby shrimps video. Akaebinosato feeding VideoRising up baby shrimps can be difficult. On youtube or the UK Shrimp site please find a video how I feed my shrimps.

Shrimps climbing up tank pane. Akaebinosato feeding VideoAs mentioned in the tank setup guide, PRL Shrimps (dwarfshrimps in general) can easy climb up tank panes and get out of a tank. In this video on youtube  see how my JustBee PRL shrimps climb up a tank pane.

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