7th. International Shrimpcontest Hannover

JustBee PRL Shrimps won the 2nd price in the group 6 (Red and Black Bees)

Unfortunatly I could’nt go in person to the 7.th international shrimpcontest in Hannover this time to recive the award personaly. But I had kind of realtime updates due my friends Michael (extra big “Thank you”), Marcus (Congrats), Frans and many more. Like my freinds told me, it was a very close match, so I am curious on the detailed judgement criterias to be published soon. Thank you all for your kind messages and updates.

The 7th international shrimpcontest winner of group 6:

  1. Marcus Hafermann (Red Bees)
  2. JustBee PRL Shrimps (Red Bees)
  3. Marcus Hafermann (Black Bees)

The complete list of all categories can be downloaded at the official page http://www.garnelenchampionat.de/2015/die-sieger-2015-the-winner-2015/