6th International Shrimp Championship 2014, Germany

JustBee PRL Shrimps highest ranked Pure Red Line Shrimps at the 6th International Shrimp Championchips in Germany. Results Group 6, (Red Bees, Black Bees and Shadow Bee Family “Mixed breed”)

1st: my breeder friend Marcus Hafermann (Black Bees)

2nd: JustBee PRL Shrimps

3rd: Dilwyn Tng, aka Silane (Black Bees)

Congrats Marcus and Dilwyn.

Further details and the official winner list can be found here: http://www.garnelenchampionat.de/2014/die-sieger-2014-the-winner-2014/

JustBee PRL Shrimps - Championchip Shrimps back home JustBee PRL Shrimps - Championchip Shrimps recovering from strains with a MK-Breed stick.JustBee PRL Shrimps - Thomas Heinen handing out the price This 5 JustBee PRL Shrimps were judged by Carsten and Frank Logemann (Garnelenhaus.de, and they recived the caridina award). Result: Best Pure Red Line Shrimps at the championchip. I was happy reciving the price, handed out by Thomas Heinen (Dähne Verlag).


JustBee PRL Shrimps - My friend Mura Celic congrats for the awardJustBee PRL Shrimps - Shrimp enthusiasts talk with Chris, To Bee and MarcusJustBee PRL Shrimps - Meeting Marco, Federico and Andrea from Italy (ShrimpsandMosses.com) It was a pleasure to meet a lot of friends. Mura Celic congratulated to the price. His congrats mean much to me as he knows with what kind of shrimp quality I started years ago. While taking a look to the contest tanks we had a nice talk with To Bee, Chris and Marcus (Brilliant Bees). It was a pleasure meeting Marco and Loris and Andrea from shrimpsandmosses.com and the same named shop and forum in Italy.